Despite its pledge to defend consumers, Which? is currently giving key support to #TTIP.

Group Chief Executive, Peter Vicary-Smith, made this statement on 3rd March 2014:

“Securing a good transatlantic trade deal should lead to a reduction in prices we pay at the till and mean more choice for the consumer, as well as being hugely beneficial for the economy.

“Provided that promises are honoured to prevent any deal being used as a Trojan horse to reduce consumer protection, this deal could be hugely positive for the millions of hard-pressed shoppers looking to make their budgets stretch further.”

This view shows Which? up as, at best, gullible, and, at worst, naïve pawns in the hands of giant corporations.

Unless they revise their position, we propose to pay them a visit at their HQ (busy road and lots of office workers in area) on the eve of the global day of action against free trade agreements, with banners, placards, leafltets, songs…TTIP ACTIONS AT WHICH APRIL 17TH

Action jointly organised by Lewisham People Before Profit, Stop TTIP, No TTIP, Stop TTIP UK



Chris Prince

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