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US – How ‘we the people became ‘we the corporations’ (3 mins)

Linda Kaucher interviewed by Artist Taxi Driver (10 mins)

John Hilary, Executive Director of War on Want, Cafe Diplo session 4.11.13 Recipe for Ruin: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement (48 mins)

‘The US/EU free trade agreement panel discussion’ organised by Occupy (58 mins)

Leaked TTIP documents

UK politics, UK parliament


(TO ADD IN)“conspiracy-of-silence”-on-eu-us-trade-deal

* (on exclusion of health services from agreement) 7.1013

* (Linda) The Doha deal was put forward consecutively as the answer to global terrorism (after 9/11), to climate change, and to the international financial crisis. ‘Jobs’ is the favoured current spin. (Linda) Feb 2013 (Linda) 5th June 2013 Peter Davies ‘Trade secrets: will an EU-US treaty enable US big business to gain a foothold’. (Linda) 15.7.13 Peter Davies ‘Trade agreement could lock NHS into competitive market say campaign groups’ (video of talk Tom Lines/Linda Kaucher) Trade talks wont affect health policy, say EU officials. Trade: Time for a new vision- The alternative trade mandate. Benedict Cooper 2.12.13 House of Lords EUROPEAN UNION SUB-COMMITTEE ON EXTERNAL AFFAIRS Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
. Evidence Volume (see, eg, evidence from Our NHS: Open Democracy, and Unite (NHS and labour rights)

Faisal I Chaudhry (2014) The TAFTA/TTIP and treatment access: What does the agreement mean for intellectual property rights over essential medicines? in The Transatlantic Colossus: Global Contributions to Broaden the Debate on the EU-US Free Trade Agreement. Eds D Cardisim O Mthembu, M Venhaus, M Verde Garrido. Berlin Forum on Global Politics.

Trading Away Health: How the U.S.’s Intellectual Property Demands for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Threaten Access to Medicines. Medicins Sans Frontiers Access Campaign Issue Brief, August 2012, (deals with TPP FTA and impact on ‘developing countries’ but useful explanation of issues around intellectual property and access to generic medicines)