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  • Location: Department for Business, Innovation and Skill

In February, the UK government announced its plans to open a special ‘TTIP reading room’ at the Department for Business, Innovations and Skills, where MPs would be able to read the negotiating texts of the controversial secretive trade deal between the EU and the USA. Nothing has been done!

We want to highlight that failure by doing a bit of street theatre in front of BIS from 12:30, with a mock reading room and Jean Lambert, Green MEP, who will show how transparency is still very difficult within the restrictive rules of the existing reading rooms in other countries.

Then at 3pm, we’ll move to Canada House on Trafalgar Square to alert people to the urgency of stopping CETA, the Canadian EU treaty which is like TTIP but close to signing. We will have speakers (includingLinda Kaucher of Stop TTIP, Mark Dearn of War on Want and Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians), banners and leaflets right through the rush-hour and into the night, pausing only to attend the War on Want meeting at nearby Kings College with Maude Barlow.
Some surprise extra actions may happen as well, so just stay with us not to miss anything!
We hope for national media coverage!
Please, do come and help raising awareness about these dreadful trade deals when it’s time.

Ceta Briefing:

CETA Briefing

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