CETA protest – Dirty EU/Canada Deal is backdoor for TTIP

UK MPs: kept like mushrooms & impotent

Anti TTIP activists will up the ante in regard to the EU/Canada trade deal (CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) on Monday 16th May with a protest and street theatre outside the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (12.30-1.30pm), a banner drop on Westminster Bridge (2.15) followed by a prolonged protest (from 3pm) and vigil at Canada House, Trafalgar Square.

CETA, further advanced than TTIP, is a back door for the discredited US/EU TTIP (Trade and Investment Partnership). Protestors aim to draw this agreement out of the shadows with these rolling actions.

They will also highlight the failure of BIS to provide UK MPs with access to the key TTIP documents – access available to MPs of other EU member states and MEPs, and the fact that the UK parliament is the only EU parliament that cannot veto CETA or TTIP.

Linda Kaucher of StopTTIP uk said ‘CETA has all the disastrous elements of TTIP but has had less attention. US corporations will be able to sue EU governments by the CETA backdoor, and it will establish the model for these fake ‘trade’ deals. CETA is dangerously close to completion. We need David Cameron to block CETA in the upcoming European Council meeting’.

John Hamilton of Lewisham People Before Profit said ‘The Department of Business has a stated commitment to help push through these deals even while it continues to give false information to the British public. Although MPs and MEPs across the EU have some access to key TTIP documents, our MPs, alone in the EU, still have no such access. The UK parliament is also the only member state parliament that cannot veto these deals’

‘CETA may or may not come to the UK parliament for ratification. However, if it is given European Parliament assent in early 2107 it will be provisionally implemented from then, including committing us to Investor State Dispute Settlement claims – allowing corporations to sue EU governments in a special court system’ according to Tim Flitcroft of #noTTIP.

CETA, like TTIP, threatens

– EU health and safety standards

– public services

– the environment, climate change measures

– jobs

– democracy, allowing corporations to sue governments for regulation that affects their profits.


Linda Kaucher StopTTIP uk 0207 265 9307, 074 80208 510

John Hamilton Lewisham people Before Profit 079 86998 172

Tim Flitcroft #noTTIP 074 46826 703

Chris Prince

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